Good Morning Giggles!

What kind of people surround your life?

What kind of people do you spend time with?

What is the influence of these people in your life?

As humans we thrive in relationships and friendships. We are at our best when we have people who influence us with positivity. And with negative influence, we tend to do less than our expectations.

So what’s the rant this morning?

Certain people can make us feel ‘less than’ when we’re in their company. This class of people will never believe in your ideas or inputs in anything. They feel you are too ‘below’ them to contribute anything meaningful in a discussion. They feel superior and impose their own beliefs, which they see as always a better bargain. Some friends fall within this group. The truly wise and the very ‘mature’ people never try to do this. They are never a clog in the wheel of any one’s progress.

In case you’ve had a bad experience with this, don’t allow it to drive you back in defeat because if you don’t stand near a ruler, you won’t be able to measure your growth or monitor how much you’ve developed.

However, there are those who are successful and they derive pleasure helping others grow. They nudge you on even when you have less motivation to keep moving. Such people are the ones who lead us to attain great feats when we lean on them.  They inspire and motivate and encourage those with goals and aspirations. Whatever successful people know, they haven’t always known it – they had to learn and grow too.

So it is best to know those who have your good interest and ask them for directions. No matter what, we still need others to show us the way, to reveal some ‘hidden’ truths about achieving success. So don’t pretend you know what you don’t know. It’s best to speak genuinely and sincerely, asking questions when appropriate. Most successful people enjoy a chance to discuss and share what they know, so take advantage of this.

Another thing I’d like to consider too is the fact that some people hinder their own progress. How you may ask? Have you ever felt intimidated by the presence of other people? Especially people who we believe are higher, bigger and better than us. Have you been trapped in this fallacy?

Fear of rejection keeps us from going forward in life and in relationships. You’d be surprised how many people limit themselves to socialising only with those who are comparable to them. They feel uncomfortable the moment they’re surrounded by people who are different from them.

Be wise. An important part of your development occurs when you decide to cross the tracks and relate to people who are ahead of you in some ways. These relationships create a chance for you to grow. It’s not wrong to lack knowledge; it’s wrong to be unwilling to learn. And to learn from those who know better.

We can learn the principles of good leadership, the principles of success when we allow others tell us their stories. And when we listen, observe with good intent and understanding.

Peace and Love!

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