Photo of the Day!

What is the weather like in your part of the world today? A different weather in every clime, I suppose?

Sunny, Snowing, Moody? Whatever the case, I think there is beauty in these two weathers captured below.

snow photo 2
*The Weather Today in Denmark – May 9th 2017.

snow photo
*The Weather today in Lithuania – May 9th 2017.

My photo of the Day!

A friend sent me the photo of the snow she woke up to today in Lithuania.

And I decided to do a comparism with the weather we have in Denmark today.

Can you see how very different they are? Snow and Sun – here in Europe. It’s actually very unusual to see snow at this time of the year, at least not in Denmark.

This can be likened to our personal and individual race in life. Such is life, isn’t it? Different strokes for different folks. You can tell me about it. 🙂

Peace and Love!

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