The Daily Prompt – Pursue!

At the beginning, my labour was a colossal flop

But my fortitude embraced me so tightly

My metier, my art I must exert wisely

This ruse, this bait I despise furiously

How can the opposers wittingly triumph?

This subterfuge, this stratagem

I must dismiss as I pursue vigorously

To win this war of morals


Tirelessly, I seek out the ploy

I stood firm and pursued my opposers

I took the route of life

I raced in unnumbered evenings

I chose my fate with my eyes towards the light

I sweat as I scribbled on paper

I pause, gaze and crumble the sheets before me

No, not again with this ache

My head swirls and twirls  

I stand up to ruminate and pace about


On another page, I begin to mumble again

I scribbled zig Ziggy, I jotted zag Ziggy

Endless war to master coherence

What’s with this mumble jumble?    

I dislike this muddle

This tingly tangle

Yet my astute senses beckon me on

I opened my heart this time

And my thoughts poured like rain on the roof top

In awe, I jumped into the clouds

The world hear my voice


Now I must not falter

Now this mission I shall pursue

Like egusi soup cooked and left on the rafter

That sweetened the belly on the next meal

My profound progress cheers me on

My strides appears from the mist

Cleanses the scars of the fatal blow

The trickery of trepidation

Each note I scribble now

Each line I doodle

Every word I engrave

Fits rightly thus into its space

And falls magically into place


In response to the Daily Prompt – Pursue.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Pursue!

  1. Love the poem Stella. I can relate to the poem as I get my Life Coaching business. It takes creativity, persistence, and openness for it to happen. I am learning I can not force it. I simply need to allow it happen. Sounds like we have some common experiences.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! I think we have some common experiences really. Mostly, I’m happy you understood this poem. It is important to me that someone understood the message in my poems. And I want to thank you very much for your inspiring feedbacks. 🙂


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