Good Morning Giggles!

So how is everyone doing today? It’s a new day and the weekend is creeping in gradually on us. This morning, I’d share the atmosphere of my brief encounter at the arrival gate of the airport. My friend Efe was coming in from the UK and I needed to pick her up.

Sometimes, I just wonder how everyone is on the move, always all the time. Do humans ever rest at all? I asked myself as I saw a large number of people at the beautiful Copenhagen Airport so early in the day. I guess you already know the answer. I’m just totally overwhelmed, sitting and watching people, arriving, departing. Everyone walking briskly to their various destinations. To their homes and into the arms of their loved ones. To their various places with varying thoughts swimming inside of them. All sorts of unimaginable things besiege our personal spaces as we move in our unique fashioned gaits and patterns.

The Copenhagen Airport is so much alive this morning, well always, perhaps. So back to the arrival gate. Back to the people awaiting the arrival of their ‘guests’. Back to the buzz that has thickened as the passengers begin to file out, one after the other with their luggage. Some with their backpacks strapped tightly at their backs. Others, struggling with their handbags, pulling the trolleys and you just wonder in awe.

As they approach the arrival doors, I could feel joy oozing from one adult to the other, from one person to another. Even from the man on my left who kept stretching his neck and smiling even to the unknown faces that walked straight into the embrace of their waiting partners. He looked this way, and then that way. He was filled with a good spirit, I told myself.

His white shirt on a pair of blue jeans fitted his average frame perfectly. I guess, he must be saying to himself, oh, where is he? Perhaps she, or even them. Supposedly, the same questions that lingered on the minds of others around, who appear aroused in the euphoric atmosphere.  One thing I noticed though was the beautiful flowers some of them held out in their hands. Some carried boldly written signs, logos and names of their expected guests.

Yeah, flowers, signs and smiles, hold magical moments and I could see the wonders in them.

A soft breeze stirred my heart as I fixed my gaze on my surrounding, on almost everything, seeping in the whole frenzy at the arrival gate. Every other second someone steps out, you see people explode in excitement and relief when the long awaited family member, loved one, friend, turns the corner into sight. You needed to see the glow, the thrill and the burst of warmly concealed happiness jump out of them as they hold, kiss and embrace one another.

I feel so thankful for life and the grace to be a witness to such spasms of love and passion. I feel content and happy for being a part of this shared humanness. I looked up, and I saw her. She appeared sweet as ever, walking smartly in her usual footfall out of the arrival door.  I wiped my glistening eyes, ready to embrace my childhood friend.

Isn’t it just wonderful and beautiful to experience life and to know that despite the blows from different angles, there are still some moments that gives us hope and assurances, to not complain but to just be grateful and thankful?

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.


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