Dinner is Served!

Today’s dinner comprises of yam and fish. Another favourite of the people of Eastern Nigeria.  This dish is called Yam Pottage. It requires few ingredients and is very easy to cook. Ready in about 35 – 40 minutes.   Continue reading “Dinner is Served!”

The Daily Prompt – Final.

Babysitting children can be interesting, fun and also daunting. Yes, it comes with some level of intimidation from the children because most of them are smart especially the very active ones. Children from the ages of three years can be quite energetic and always have opinions for almost everything. They bombard you with unimaginable questions which must be answered satisfactorily, at least to them. If you are a parent, I’m sure you’d be conversant with the point I’m trying to make here. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Final.”

Photo of The Day!

We took a walk to let in the morning breeze into our faces. Sure, the crispy weather will do the imaginable, it will serenade little Peter-Michael to sleep. That’s the quickest way to put my godson to sleep. 🙂 Continue reading “Photo of The Day!”

Today’s Sunrise!

I captured this sunrise in the wee hours of the morning, on my way to babysit for my friend who is on weekend shift. It’s going to be an interesting day today – I mean with my godson. You sure know how it is, with a less than a 2yr old hyperactive boy. I just love his curiosity.  Continue reading “Today’s Sunrise!”