Dinner is Served!

Today’s dinner comprises of yam and fish. Another favourite of the people of Eastern Nigeria.  This dish is called Yam Pottage. It requires few ingredients and is very easy to cook. Ready in about 35 – 40 minutes.  

*Yam Pottage*


*My Delicious Dinner*

Cut the yam to size, cook in boiling water together with other ingredients. Add either beef, fish, chicken as preferred. Onions, pepper/chilli, salt, Black pepper, cray-fish. Additional spices are optional.

Usually, there are some traditional special herbs/spices/scented leaves that could be used to prepare this dish.

One unique thing about this food is that it does not require any kind of oil. After about 35 minutes allow to simmer and the food is ready. Bon appetite! 🙂

PS:  This is not a food blog so bear with me if the presentation does not have a professional touch to it. My aim for this feature is to share the foodies I eat as well as showcase dishes from other cultures.

Peace and Love!

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12 thoughts on “Dinner is Served!

    1. Yes, Bay leaves can be used. Nutmeg, Curry, Ginger etc can be used as well. It’s all about choices and taste. Glad to know you love yams. I love yams too and can eat it which ever way it is prepared. Fried, roasted, grilled, boiled/cooked, etc.

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