In Honour of Mother’s Day!

Do you know this? I don’t think many of us know… So, let’s get it right.

On Friday some of us were surprised to find a purple flower emoticon/emoji on Facebook.

The flower says that you can now be ‘grateful’ for posts on your feed and it can also be used on comments. I guess many people used this emoticon without actually knowing what it signifies.

But what does the flower emoji really mean?

Well, Mark Zuckerberg and his brilliant tireless team introduced this temporary reaction emoji to mark Mother’s Day.

Did you hear me?

The flower is to mark Mother’s Day, which is tomorrow, May 14th.

This emoji is a digital version, call it a virtual or e-version of that flower you present to your mother on this special day.

But, do you know that this flower was also here last year? Oh yes,  ‘Mark’ introduced the flower emoji right before Mother’s Day last year. And the flower was taken down right after the celebration. Wow!

Now the question – The flower is here again to mark the special day set aside for mothers, will it also disappear after tomorrow? Or this time, Facebook will let it stay as one of the regular emoticons on our screens?

Perhaps, it’s just temporary. Perhaps, it’s here to stay.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what Facebook is up to this time.

Peace and Love!

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