The Daily Prompt – Final.

Babysitting children can be interesting, fun and also daunting. Yes, it comes with some level of intimidation from the children because most of them are smart especially the very active ones. Children from the ages of three years can be quite energetic and always have opinions for almost everything. They bombard you with unimaginable questions which must be answered satisfactorily, at least to them. If you are a parent, I’m sure you’d be conversant with the point I’m trying to make here.

However, for the younger children between 1-2years, perhaps, it could be a little easier to babysit them. And my godson will turn two years in August so he falls within this milder set of kids.

Seeing today’s prompt stirred the feelings to write about this unique experience I’ve had today. I thought “why not give a wrap up of your day with Peter-Michael”. You already started it with your first post on “Today’s Sunrise” , followed by the “Photo of the Day” which captured the morning walk we had at the park to stimulate him to sleep.”

My two earlier postings today gave some snippets of our day. Starting with the drive to my friends’ place where I captured a lovely sunrise to the brief walk in the park just so the breeze from the chilly weather will put him to sleep. I posted some photos in my “Photo of the Day” to share these moments with you.

This will not be the first time I’d babysit him. So, I already have an idea of how the day will turn out and the ‘stunts’ he might likely carry out today. He is a sweet boy, very cute and quite active. He has a stunning curiosity as almost everything piques his interest.

Usually, I plan some activities to occupy his attention without any chaos so the day can pass smoothly. I know his favourite pastimes.  I know the tantrums he plays and how he may want to manipulate or intimidate me. I also know how to distract and disengage him from any unsafe gimmicks. Armed with this foresight, I know just how we can spend the day together and have a gleaming success. I know his favourite TV game, how he likes to eat his food, you know, sometimes it takes several minutes to finish with his breakfast. I know when to turn the music on so we can both have a dance party. Yes, this session is always fun, funny, and entertaining.

It is pertinent to emphasize that watching over your own child is challenging on its own and having to babysit someone else’s comes with even a higher demand.  One just have to love children to be able to take care of them. As this requires patience and commitment to the child, after all, that was the reason for the mission in the first place. A few hours of giving exclusive attention to a little child would be pleasurable.

The final tale of today’s adventure is that his mum returned a couple of minutes before I started writing this post. You needed to see how he ran into the waiting arms of his mother excitedly. I smiled as I left both of them in their tight embrace while I began to scribble.

So, for those who are eager to babysit or plan to do so someday, I’d suggest you get some tips beforehand about the activities planned around the child. It’s an interesting adventure and I am truly satisfied for today and for the simple fact that I have spent my Saturday showing love to someone. Giving help because it is asked for and because it is needed too and because I have a free time today. So why not?

In response to the Daily Prompt – Final.

Peace and Love!

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