Happy Mother’s Day!

Valentine special

From sunrise to sunset

Through the nights and into dawn

You laboured for me

You watched me as I slept on your bosom

You fed me with the milk of love

You prayed to God that I may live

My first coach, my mentor

My first love, my confidant

My forever best friend

Today, I want you to know

That my love for you is endless

Because you loved me unconditionally

You showed it in your every word

In your deeds and in your actions



Ezigbo Nnem o

My Precious Mother

I salute you today

I honour you

I respect you

Thank you for all that you do

Thank you for everything

Dalu Omalicha Nne

Ezigbo Nnem Oma

Happy Mother’s Day!


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.


Quick glossary:


Nnem – Mother

Ezigbo Nnem o – Precious Mother

Dalu Omalicha Nne – Thank you beautiful mother

Ezigbo Nnem Oma –  My kind precious Mother


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