The Daily Prompt – Hospitality!

One of my childhood fantasies was to work in the Foreign Ministry. Two other professions also fascinated me. I excitedly told anyone who asked me what I would become in the future, that I wanted to be a Diplomat or a representative of my country abroad. I was abreast with the happenings on the international scene even as a young girl, basically, due to my uncanny curiosity to know just about everything including world affairs.

With my career path in mind, I embraced the relevant subjects that would provide me with the prerequisites for my envisioned course of study. Fast forward to 2017, I hold a degree in International Studies.

Journalism, Television and the Big Screen captivated my young mind. I was obsessed with the entertainment world.  I had a passionate crush for the elegant and astute Newscasters. I love Drama and Soap Operas. Succinctly put, I loved and admired everything involving creative arts and show business.

You know what they say about growth and change. As humans, we are inclined to change careers or move towards new prospects. And recently, my fervour to establish a sustainable career has reached an unbelievable peak. I’ve begun to contemplate looking into my third career option. Tourism and the Hospitality Industry.

I have a huge admiration for Event Packaging and Management.  So, I’m hoping to obtain a diploma in this sustainable field that has varied career opportunities. With hands-on experiences, a profound desire to have my own business,  the utmost goal to be an Entrepreneur may eventually become realistic.

Who knows where this road might lead? You never know until you try.

In response to the Daily Prompt – Hospitality.

Peace and Love!

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