The Daily Prompt – Collaboration!

The Universe is in a relationship with everything found in it. Somehow, everyone in the world has the power to contribute a portion of their life, their time, their smile, tears, love, wisdom etcetera, to the abundance of the world. 

So how do you contribute to the universe? Let’s picture this everyday scenario in our normal daily routines. We encounter other people in our daily activities. And somehow, we get into a form of interaction. That interaction, that relation, is either going to improve the person’s day, enhance their experience for the day or that encounter might produce negative reflections. This interaction can come in form of a simple hello, eliciting laughter within a group of people, making a friend, a colleague laugh or just being nice and kind and offering a smile to a stranger.

Everyone and everything collaborates to make the world a hub of different complex and exciting activities. Our life, you and I, are collaborating at every opportunity that life brings our way, whether we engage in good or bad deeds.

Our life is about Partnerships, Associations, Corporations, Organisations, friendships, and the process of coming together to contribute our own little bits to humanity.

You and I, on this platform, engage in conversational collaborations every day as we put our pieces of works together, connecting with one another in varied insightful ways.


Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Collaboration.

Peace and Love!

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