Dinner is Served.

Today’s dinner does not need any introductions. It speaks for itself. A fav and one of the widely served recipes. It’s quick, fast and ready in minutes.






This is one of the easiest escapes for me on days I want it simple but cute. So, I opted for grilled Salmon, Potatoes, Green Peas and Hollandaise Sauce. Other times, I replace Salmon with Grilled Chicken or steak.

I usually settle for an easy recipe whenever I don’t feel like doing a big cooking. Well, every day is not for the usual kitchen rituals.

Bon Appetit.

Peace and Love!

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12 thoughts on “Dinner is Served.

  1. OMG – I’m digging for the yam w/fish recipe… all these recipes look awesome! I’m going to try the curry thing with some lamb I picked up and don’t know what to do with. I’m thinking that could be a good combo. 🙂


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