18 thoughts on “Good Night Giggles!

    1. So true. In my view, Once you have decided it’s time to move on, once you know the centre can no longer hold, once your mind is made up, you let go knowing it’s a whole new beginning again. Then starting over becomes easier and a welcome development.

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    1. For me, letting go is always the difficult part too. To let go of something which you are already used to. To let go of someone so close to you. A particular way of life, to quit a habit, et al is not the most pleasant of experiences.

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  1. In addition to the above, this actually depends on what is at stake here. If it’s Business, one can only move on with determination. If it’s Failure, starting over makes more sense. And if it’s Heartbreak, it depends on the relationship and the individual you are trying to move from and the circumstances behind the breakup. But at the end, moving on will be the right thing to do.


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