The Daily Prompt – Precipice!

When he bolted out of my life

And took away the twinkle in my eyes

I knew and tasted raw pain

His verbal assaults scorned my emotions

His deception stung my ego

Like the sting from the Bumblebee

My strength bruised and pierced

The wound

Tore my confidence into pieces

And spread all over my body

Day turned into night

Loneliness became my companion

Bit by bit, I reclused into solitude

Swam in the pool of my tears


I stumbled and I fell

An agonising fall

I was at the precipice of an ugly defeat

A fraud that almost punctured my dreams

Open to vulnerability

His Love rekindled my breath

And I leaped out of the doldrums

Only by His Grace



Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Precipice.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.


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