Good Morning Giggles!

Dear Friends,

I have every reason to feel good this moment. Why you may ask?

First and foremost, it is the beginning of the weekend. Second, the weather forecast for today is thrilling. Can you imagine that it’s going to be 23 degrees here in Denmark? Wow!  It’s fantastic. And this only means one thing, that the days ahead look promising. That the days to walk around with flip flops is here again. 

Just when you think that it will never happen, just when you think that the harsh hands of winter will never take it’s grip off you, Just when you think the heavy layers of clothing will never leave your skin, then, it happens. Boom! A respite appears. And you take a breather from the seemingly endless harsh cold.

Such is life. Good times and bad times. Low and high moments. But once you know that nothing takes a permanent seat in life, you’d develop a different attitude towards life. You will position your mind to withstand any unpleasant situations. With the sunny rays of the sun today, I know that the season of warmth has finally arrived.

I tell you, if there is any way you can view the brilliant sparkling glow from the sun here, you’d be envious of this cosy weather. It alarmingly ‘hot’ this time, just a bit before noon. Wow! One thing I know about today is that many people are going to create good memories out of it. It will be suicidal to stay indoors on such a beautiful sunny day.

Being a weekend too, there is no better place to be on such a lovely day than outside. Yes, it calls for the outdoors. And there are exotic places to spend the day enjoying Mother Nature.  A walk in the forest is comforting as you allow the forest canopy keep your body cool.

I trust the Danes to take the opportunity to check out the city centres and the city parks because there is likely to be a variety of games, cultural activities, music and performances around the high streets and fashion malls.

Denmark has an unpredictable weather that always appears gloomy and moody. So anytime the sun comes out, the Danes are excited and they enjoy the beam to the last. They usually forego anything else and spend their days with family and friends outdoors. It is a tradition to plan outdoor activities and events once the weather predictions are favourable.  They head out on their bikes, go for swims in the many beaches littered over the place. They simply enjoy picnicking.

For me, going outside to enjoy Mother Nature’s benevolence is quite therapeutic. It’s a healing elixir to the body and mind. Time spent in Nature is rewarding both mentally and physically.

So, friends, I’ve got to go find a good spot in Nature to spend this sunny day. But that is after I’m done with today’s work ‘cos there are bills to pay. Ha. ha.

Have a fun today. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Peace and Love!

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