Dinner is Served!

Today’s dinner is called Pepper-Soup, one of the easiest recipes. I’ve used Beef here, but one is free to prepare this dish with chicken, fish, etc.


As the name implies, this soup is spicy and eaten mostly during the cold season or cold weather. In Nigeria, most people opt for this dish during the raining season.  Regardless, it is eaten all through the year. This is a common dish in most West African Countries.




The Ingredients include Cow-leg, kidney, beef (optional). Chilli, Onions, black pepper, salt, garlic, ginger, A small piece of fresh tomatoes (optional) but I like to add some to mine for colour.

Today, I served this Pepper soup with French Baguette. It can also be eaten with white rice.

Bon Appetit.

Peace and Love!

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