The Daily Prompt – Notorious 2

When I write poetry
I write Prose-Poems
My style, My rhythm, My voice
I use unambiguous terms
No puzzles to confound you

I write to inspire
I write to motivate
I write to send a message across
And my reader is everyone
And no one specific
My reader is the layman
The Rich and the Poor
I write so everyone can connect
With the message in my poesy
Without staggering
Without being lost in my arts
Poetry is beautiful
With its notorious ambiguities
Similes, Metaphors, Allegories
Embellish poetry
With vague abstracts
When I write
I write with concise clarity
‘Cos I don’t want to befog you
Obfuscate, puzzle or confuse you
I don’t want you
To murmur or dance around
Searching for meanings
To my Poems

Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Notorious

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.


7 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Notorious 2

  1. My writing is for those who know how to seek and search,
    I reach out to teach
    not just for the faint of heart my art
    encompasses the world
    curled under my arm
    as I rock her two and fro
    It’s ok to grow
    I whisper in her ear, as I watch a tear trickle become
    a raging river, I hold her as she shivers
    tsunami’s rise,
    I hold her and sigh
    don’t go
    and she spreads a sheet at my feet
    animals, and birds, fill my sight
    as fish leap
    and my heart so deep
    I fall in love
    At a twinkle in His eye
    so far above me
    I want to cry
    as bombs fly by

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