Dinner is Served!

Just like yesterday’s dinner, Pepper soup is still the dish for today but this time with Fish instead of Beef.

Pepper-Soup is one of the easiest recipes.  Today, I’ve used two kinds of fish. The first soup is with Catfish while the second soup is with Tilapia fish with tiger shrimps. They both taste very delish

*Cat Fish Pepper-soup*


Pepper soup
*Tilapia fish Pepper Soup*

The Ingredients include Fish, (Tilapia or Catfish), Chilli, Onions, black pepper, salt, garlic, ginger, scent – leaves.  A small piece of fresh tomatoes (optional) but I like to add some to mine for colour.

The Fish Pepper soup is served with French Baguette. It can also be eaten with white rice.

Bon Appetit.

Peace and Love!

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