Saturday Giggles!


Did you get the joke and message on this post? Well, education is important at least to a certain level.

So it’s a Saturday! Let it be a fun day with those you share your time with. Crack some good jokes and laugh it off. Every day is not for worrying over problems and unpaid bills. Relax, exhale and stay on the positive side of life.

Happy Weekend, Dear Friends. ❤️💛❤️

Peace and Love!

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14 thoughts on “Saturday Giggles!

  1. Ms. Dimple can you please help me accomplish my requirement for my subject I need only 20 followers in order for tome get exempted. Please help me, and also I want to pursue doing this blog.

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    1. I don’t get your drift… exempted how? Can you clarify? Meanwhile, like I wrote earlier in another post, getting followers takes time. And it is a process. Once you cultivate the habit of writing posts (good post), visiting other blogs, taking part in Daily Prompts and Bloggers challenges, you gain visibility. And that’s how it begins… Make comments… Just leave a trace of ‘you’ (your blog) where others can find your blog link. (my 2cents).

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      1. Our professor told us that if we can get 50 above followers we will be exempted on our subject so that we need to accomplish that requirement for us. please.


      2. I think your professor is not being realistic here. Who gives such target? Well, I’ve given my bit here. I have also followed you too. I can only wish you the best in meeting your target. But life isn’t to be hurried up… !!!


      3. I am sorry to say this and I don’t intend to sound rude. But you sound so desperate and impatient. I just took time to give you tips on how to stay the course as a blogger. I started my blog more than a year ago. It hasn’t been an easy sail. It takes patience to build your audience and have bloggers who appreciate your work. Easy does it, dear blogger friend. 🙂

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