Dinner is Served!


I know you’ve seen this dish before as I posted a similar one about two weeks ago. To read more about this Yam and Vegetable sauce, as well as get a hint of the recipe, kindly read the detailed post I wrote earlier. Click HERE.

In that post, I stated that I enjoy white yam cooked or boiled with vegetable sauce as you can see from the above photo. I never get tired of this tasty sauce.

However, what I did today was to show the yam being cooked and the tomato sauce before the spinach was added to it.

Today’s sauce was cooked with smoked mackerel fish.

Peace and Love!

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2 thoughts on “Dinner is Served!

    1. Great, ‘cos the first post is detailed. It’s as delicious as it looks. I hope you got the recipe now. Thanks for looking in. And many thanks for the follow. Have a great day. Cheers! 🙂

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