Good Morning Giggles!

He was a household name especially among children who enjoyed his movies. A brand of his own. He was 007. He was James Bond.

The actor was born in London in 1927. His first break in TV came in romantic adventure Ivanhoe which was the start of a set of hit shows that graced the screens of many movie lovers.  He was the epitome of the suave English gent, quipping sweatlessly in a bespoke three-piece suit. His acting career spanned over eight decades.

He had “a view to a kill” and so he reached for his gun and became “the man with the Golden gun”. “Live and let die” was his motto and the kind of fun he had with the ladies can only be “for your eyes only”. 

On this day, James Bond, Roger Moore, is no more. He passed away in Switzerland at the age of 89, after a short but brave battle with cancer. 


*007 – Roger Moore*


I grew up to watch his movies. I grew up to love his movies. I grew up to know the household name OO7 – James Bond!

“During my early acting years, I was told that to succeed you needed personality, talent and luck in equal measure. I contest that. For me, it’s been 99% luck. It’s no good being talented and not being in the right place at the right time.” – Roger Moore. (James Bond)

I am writing about him today because his movies took a chunk of my childhood ‘time’. I watched his movies endlessly just like I listened to the late Michael Jackson’s songs… Those two are unforgettable in the history of entertainment.

And his quote above is one I so much use as a case point. What’s the use of being talented without gifting the world with it? What’s the point of having a skill that lies dormant in you? What’s the use of having a passion that is uncultivated? He is remembered today for impacting on the world because he used his talent and gift.

The world lost this great actor yesterday. He brought joy to millions of viewers across the globe, playing the role of James Bond in Ian Fleming’s creative literature.

Some believe he was the best 007.

May his soul rest in peace.

Peace and Love!

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