Good Morning Giggles!

My Facebook News Feed this morning is what’s on my mind:

Marriage tips here, relationship advice there…
Leadership here, submission there…
Married vs Singles…
Oga and Madam palaver plenty…
Rich vs Poor homes…
Marry or remain single if you can’t be submissive…
Tradition, Culture Vs the New World…
Men and Women matters… Oh, Lawd!
Marry today, Divorce tomorrow…
Marriage, going, going. go…
Maybe marriage should be scrapped so everybody should just rest…Lol.
There is no end to it no matter the number of books written about it. In fact, people read and forget too quickly what they’ve read.

Marriage vs relationships, Religion vs politics – the topical news of the day. Well, it’s all entertainment. to tickle your minds… and a cure for depression and sadness. So just read and enjoy the details… isn’t it the best attitude to adopt?

Facebook Newsfeed Report and end of rants:

Anyways, it’s a holiday here. It’s Ascension Day! The irony of today is that those who carry religion on their heads, those who live in the churches don’t observe today as a rest day. But those with no clue what today means. Those who attend church only at Christmas time (The Danes), because it’s the annual tradition are sitting at home chilling and getting set to venture outside to see nature at its best… See life!

Sun is at full blast now. The heat here already is unbelievable…The house is getting too warm for comfort. Since it’s a free day, thanks to Ascension day o, the only logical thing to do today – Spend it outdoors. Spend it in the forest, at somewhere you can seep in the cool breeze.

Me – on my PC reading, reading, reading, smiling, laughing, taking mental notes, shaking my head at intervals, even crying a bit too, with all these stories on the internet… Chei.

Some stories and reports make you smile and laugh like a lunatic, others make you shake your head… and some others make you grimace, hiss, and even shed a tear. Oh! It’s like that here on FB. It’s like that on social media. So much credible, heart wrenching, heartwarming, and unworthy, trashy news trending. Chei.

Okay, once I’m done with this playtime on Facebook and Social Media, I’d get on the road – It’s grill day somewhere, picnics at the beautiful parks, the beaches, the lakesides, football games by friends, swimming, just whatever makes your heart giggle… everywhere is shining, glowing and good for a chill out since summer is here. A time to feel nature and enjoy the sights and sounds of summer. You know it’s fleeting so no dulling.

All of these are in celebration of Ascension Day. Thank God it’s a holiday here. The gains of religion for oyibo man (just added ‘oyibo’ into my dictionary) are the series of holidays. Chei. Let me come and go to the beach joor…

PS: This was my FB post which I brought into the blog so the language is suited for FB audience. But I hope some of you will get my drift. 🙂

Peace and Love!

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