Good Morning Giggles!

One thing I’ve discovered in life is that humans operate with different sets of rules. There is no one manual that fits all. Or dictates how we should live our lives. We have and belong to different pedigrees. We have different ambitions and different perceptions of life and living. 

Therefore, there shouldn’t be any competition with others in life. Everyone has their own destiny and race to run. Let’s look at this scenario – the case of the Rabbit and the Tortoise.

“A Rabbit runs, jumps, moves faster and lives for only fifteen (15) years, while a Tortoise doesn’t even attempt any of such activities, yet, lives for 150 years or more”.

Life should not be rushed or become a basis for comparison with what friends or family members are doing. No. We should understand that there is time for everything. And we will get there once we are diligent with our own success pursuits, staying calm and doing what we know is right and best for us.

The Rabbit and the Tortoise may dwell in the same forest but they have a different life expectancy. So it applies to humans.

In life, we have age-mates, classmates, schoolmates,  but there are no destiny mates. Well, I haven’t heard about that. Perhaps, you’ve heard!  Be who you are called to be. Love who you are and thank God for your special journey which may not look exactly like others. Be happy for your own achievements without comparing it with your friends, your cousins, your neighbour, your spouse… Remember, we have different goals and objectives. Adopting this attitude is the simplest way to succeed in life.

Let’s keep moving in the direction of our own compass. Let’s not allow others success stories influence and reduce our excitement and penchant for success. We will surely arrive our different destinations and celebrate our own victories.

Just this week, Mark Zuckerberg proved a point. He finished his unfinished degree even though he is a billionaire. One may want to ask what he needed that degree for since he won’t be looking for a job with it. And since all his school mates who began that education with him some years ago completed theirs at that time. He opted out, returned back to complete his education. And now he has his degree.

So, in essence, we all have our own race to run. And it doesn’t matter how long the journey takes. Slow and steady wins the race says the cliche.

Good morning friends.

Peace and Love!

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