What’s Your Flavour?

With the summertime’s here with us, the weather can be very warm. Therefore, the body is always in need of something to cool off thirst and quench that feeling of dehydration. And cold drinks are best suited for this season. A cold drink can be satisfying during the summer and fruits like water melon become very great delights.

Ice creams! Oh! Ice creams!

Where do I begin from…? This is the most embraced and seemingly most loved by a majority of the people. The ice-cream shops are besieged by ice cream lovers in the summer.  Albeit, ice cream is enjoyed also in the cold season but there is a special craving for it in the warm seasons.





Besides buying ice cream from the normal everyday shops and malls, ice-cream shops are located near parks during the summer. Some of them are makeshift shops erected just to sell ice creams to picnic lovers and those who hang out at parks and beaches. It’s really a wonderful time to indulge in some momentary guilty pleasures. I don’t give in to this ice-cream craving always, but oh, it does taste good and really nice for the warm season.

So, when you want to enjoy a bowl of delicious and refreshing ice cream, what comes to your mind? What’s the ice cream flavour that tickles your fancy?

I like the vanilla for all times, but I’ve grown to have a special love for the pistachio flavour too.

Do you make your own ice-cream? Do you prefer the kind I’ve posted here or you go for the cold stone ice creams and other special brands?

Share your snippets of your ice-cream experience with us.

Thank you. 🙂

Peace and Love!

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11 thoughts on “What’s Your Flavour?

  1. United in ice cream we stand! Oh yes, I kid myself with organic prune treats and raw cashews but who m I fooling. Take me to Earnest Ice-cream here in Vancouver and let me stand at the tasting bar, fooling myself that I might get a Whisky Hazelnut cone. Or the Vegan Vanilla. But no, pure oral bliss can only be achieved with their sublime Salted Caramel. Nothing like it.

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