Emotional Vampires!

Life is about relationships and friendships. It’s about connecting with other people and engaging in interactions, whether formal or informal. It’s about having personal relationships with people. The buzz on relationships cannot be exhausted. It’s such a broad subject that can be addressed from different perspectives.

It’s a discourse that everyone should be interested in because everyone is involved in a relationship. The ability to identify certain signs and behavioural patterns of one’s partner is crucial to one’s health and emotional balance. Therefore, the earlier the better as that saves one from any undesirable toxic manipulations. The signs are glaring often times, but some people never bother about them until it gets out of hand.

How do I know all these? How do I know?

What are those signs to look out for?

Oh, I haven’t told you yet that I had a first-hand experience with a hyper-sensitive narcissist who abhors criticisms but never fails to hurl negative vibes at me. A verbal bully who bellows at me and slices my body bit by bit with his sharp tongue.  Any person who manipulates you and doesn’t hesitate to ridicule you even for the slightest misdemeanour is someone to be wary of. Someone who always make you feel ‘small’ and less intelligent. Even your best attempt, your best behaviour, your best cooking never gets a pass mark from him. Someone who hates all your friends and has one bad thing to say about all of them. Someone who tells you which friend he hates with a passion. And the ugliest amongst your friends. Someone who fumes at the slightest provocation and changes to a monster ready to devour its prey. Surely, that someone does not want you to stay happy.

And he thrives in solitude because he believes he is important and just enough for himself. A person who lives an introverted life, who secludes themselves from others all the time beats me hollow. Someone who prides his mother’s cooking more than yours is not the best friend to hang around with. Any man who believes he’s got the looks, the money and the charm to get any woman’s approval cannot possibly be the best lover. A man who believes he is quite charismatic and personable… A man who exudes the highest rank of arrogance and puts down everyone he comes across especially those who are not privileged to be educated strives in toxicity. I can go on and on. They are emotional vampires!

How did I even run and detangled myself from such agonising relationship? Oh! It takes brevity and courage to tell such inhuman fellow to get lost, as you dust-up yourself and walk away before bodily harm is unleashed. Violence takes different shapes and forms in a relationship. Verbal abuse is one of those. 

The biggest thing that can drain and exhaust one’s energy in life is a bad relationship. When your relationship is not thriving but rather leaves you weary and burn out. When your relationship leaves you sad all the time. When there is no joy in your relationship, I tell you, it is a big problem and the biggest energy drain. Watch out!

Some relationships kill you slowly. Some have positive impacts on you and elevate your moods. And there are others that milk you dry. They suck the life out of you. They suck optimism out of you that you begin to lose your sanity momentarily. These exhaustive connections, these set of people who inject poisonous fluids into your veins and kill the enthusiasm in you are called emotional vampires.

Their negative and offensive attitudes towards you damage your hopes and drain you physically. The malignant ones can trample on your self-worth, your intelligence and make you feel unworthy and unlovable. They send a bad signal to your psyche and make you feel so out of place with yourself.

They use inferences that are unfitting towards you. By their improper languages, they throw you off-center by prodding areas of shaky self-worth.

 “Stupid fool like you”

“A fat idiot like you”

“I wonder why I even married you”

“You are just good for nothing” …..  You can fill in the other inferences… !!!

One has to discern and fish out this kind of people in a relationship. There is the need to combat them in their negativity. To protect yourself from emotional torture and mental imbalance before they drain the last pint of your blood.

We all deserve some emotional freedom. We all deserve a break from the toxicity from people all in the name of love and relationships.

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Peace and Love!

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