Devotional Nuggets – #65

This morning, all I want to do is to encourage us to keep holding on to God. Delay is not denial and we have to stay focused on our belief in God for He is able to meet us at the points of our needs.

Dear Friends and people of the Most High God, hold on, hold on, hold on for the Lord has dispatched Angels of blessing to go before us and to bring recompense, restoration and increase back to us. Know today that The Lord is rising in our DEFENSE! Amen.

The past days, years, season, may have been so challenging and so dark. But today, Our God is saying that the level of darkness we have experienced will give way to a major breakthrough that will be released into our lives.


Where there has been a dark cloud of heaviness, where there has been a pool of tears, where there has been discord and disunity in a home, marriage, relationship, business, the Lord is decreeing a cloud of joy and happiness!!!

I tell you, I am super excited as I woke up this morning with a beautiful praise song on my lips. I don’t know why? But I believe that SO MUCH is going to bloom in our lives this season, through us and for us. Amen.

This is not surreal. Believe it, it’s going to be supernaturally real in your life if you believe. 🙂

Peace and Love!

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