The Daily Prompt – Trace 2

The day has ebbed to a crisp warmth

With dusk fast approaching 

The sound of silence echoes in our midst

The evening chill gives me goose bumps

And my strength is drained and winding down Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Trace 2”

The Chronicles Of A Woman…

The travails of her life

The passionate stories

The lessons of past mistakes

The time of youthful exuberance

Her stains and Imperfections

Her determination and resilience

The excruciating experiences of life’s encounters

The sordid anguish in the hands of love

A perforated confidence

A dashed hope Continue reading “The Chronicles Of A Woman…”

Tales From Denmark – Part 1

I arrived Denmark with nostalgia. There was a part of me that felt so confident and happy. While the other part of me was fraught with trepidation.  I was apprehensive.  But, I was unwilling to allow fear cripple my new found happiness.  The fear of the unknown. How will life turn out in the white man’s land? I have heard so much about the white man. I’ve seen them in movies. I’ve met a couple of them in real time back in Lagos. But to live amongst them is the newest experience I’m about to discover. The what ‘if’s’ was paramount on my mind. Continue reading “Tales From Denmark – Part 1”

Photo of the Day!

“I can never see flowers too many times, I can never tire of their sweet fragrance. Each one is a delicate bloom, no matter if it is a formal garden or a wasteland. Their petals are delicate works of art and their hues are medicine for my soul. I guess it’s not just me that feels that way though, we bring flowers into the hospitals and graveyards, we send them to express our love, we plant them in our yards though they bear no edible fruits. Our city spends thousands replacing them along the streets and as soon as they brown more are brought in. There is something about their beauty I need for my whole being, to be fully human, I wonder if we’re all a bit like that”. Continue reading “Photo of the Day!”