Devotional Nuggets – #66

Today, look inwards into your life again. Is there anything God has asked you to do? Is there anything God has placed in your hands to care for? Are you feeling that you won’t make any headway in what you are doing now just because the result is slow in coming?


As God intervened in the life of Daniel by shutting up the mouth of lions in the den, so God will shut out failure for you and open the doors of breakthroughs.

Behind every great piece of art is many failed attempts but these attempts are simply never shown to us. What we get to see eventually are the finished lines… the success stories… the testimonies.

Don’t lose hope, you are not the first to fail. TRY AGAIN, again and again!

Today, be productive. Commit to that venture if you believe in it and do it diligently. One day you might be the world’s best. 

Good Morning, Dear Friends.


Peace and Love!

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8 thoughts on “Devotional Nuggets – #66

  1. Stella, It is brilliant that you are back from your break, I love your post and especially love this. So motivational.

    Question : You seems to be doing several post a day – how are you managing that with your day job, you are amazing !

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    1. Thank you, Bella. I feel happy knowing there are people who identify with that feature with its religious undertones. Hehe! I just decided to not relent despite my tight schedules. I write during break times with my phone and just import. I write in the ‘toilet’. Shhhh… Yes, I go in there and scribble or respond to comments, lol. We just need to do what we have to do, else we come up with excuses all the time.

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