Saturday Giggles…

Hello friends,
I hope this Saturday is looking promising for you. Well, it’s up to you to make it a day of celebrations and a day of happy memories by your actions and your deeds. Albeit, the downsides of life. It pays to stay on the positive side, anyways.

I slept a bit late yesterday and woke up to read some of your posts making the headlines on my newsfeed this morning. Wow! Always the same stories. Politics, religion and now, Biafra warlords! Hmmn, what can I say? Make una continue! I read, make mental notes and do the obvious, SMH. (Whatever that means)

I stayed up to write a few more posts that have been struggling to get out of my mind even in my knackered state last night. So, after doing the post on my Father’s remembrance, I wrote three more epistles which I shall serve you here in bits. By the way, let me use this opportunity to thank everyone who reacted to my Requiem post. Thank you for your compassion and heart of togetherness. I appreciate you all. 

Anyways, this morning, no much talk from my abode or has this post become lengthy already? Biko, una sorry o. Okay. I would like you to know that you would be seeing more snippets from my world. And this will be in form of nature photography. And write-ups on the season. The summer times. Yes, that’s me. It’s a passion I’m developing – my photographic abilities need to be blazed. I am trying to learn more about this field that captivates me each time I see works from prolific photographers. And so, you may have seen some of my amateur skills on that… but I promise you and I hope and I intend to get sharpened on that talent and present you with more amazing photos in due course. As well as, occasional servings of my poetic instincts and the various myriad of thoughts that criss-cross this my big head and mind.

Oya start praying for me joor, not every time you will be praying for enemies to die and die and burn by fire. Chei. Ngwa, from now on, exert that energy, channel your strength and go on your knees to pray for me. Yes na, Pray for me to grow this skill of photography instead. At least whenever I see you, I will take you a good picture. Haha! No fear, no charges, just for free sha! Yes, I can be nice like that. 

While others may bombard you with political and religious tidbits, I’ve chosen to deviate from that so that things will not get too boring on Facebook. We need varieties to spice up our lives. We can’t be eating only Amala and Ewedu, or Beans and Agege bread, or Kartofler and Danish brown sauce and expect to survive. No, we can’t all strive in and with politics or religion, or foodies, or in idle gossips and jokes. Mba na, we still need to get informed in other aspects of life. We still need to be motivated and inspired in other spheres. We still need to be aware of other races, other cultures and other subjects and topics that will boost up our intellectual wellbeing.

I know only a few people will read this and only a few of you also identify with my postings. So I don’t expect reactions from those who don’t know how to encourage others. I really don’t care how it makes you feel. I really don’t give a hoot if you find me and my write-ups uninteresting… We are all fuelled by different interests and passion. Just as we are all influenced by our environments and backgrounds, friends and the people we mingle with.

Therefore, I write what I want to write. I write in my own voice. And I have chosen my own path. You too, go carve out yours, clinch your niche and showcase it to the world.

Have a wonderful jolly day! 

PS: I brought this to my blog as a way to document all my postings on social media. You may find the language a bit weird or awkward. That’s because it is tailored for my Facebook audience and of course, a portion also pertains to us all as humans. In case you don’t understand a few slangs, you can ask me in the comments. Thanks. 🙂

Peace and Love!

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Giggles…

  1. Or make dem kuku ask Google, google dey translate na.

    There are few blogs I read on my Time line yours is one of dem

    Before I forget *oya spirit of photography enta giggles & tales noooooww

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha! Google our able translator. Lol. You know ya Naija people na. Na so so prayer, bind and die, kill and go, lol. Naija lifestyle. When you write good post they will remove their faces. They thrive on all those trending tales everyday… This post was for them. 🙂

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