The Daily Prompt – Imaginary!

It started that evening after she agreed to attend a live performance at the theatre located in the centre of the city where she lived. She has always admired him. He was a prolific actor and strikingly dead gorgeous. He had the kind of looks that made heads turn as they encounter him. He made people stop in their tracks. He was a head stunner and the women loved him. Everyone was drawn to his cuteness and to cap it all, he had a beautiful soul.

So, seeing him perform live was the turning point for her. She knew she had fallen head over heels for him. Peter was her kind of man. His face shown on the screen and she never failed to watch any movies he acted in. But this evening, shortly after the end of the show at the theatre, she went outside to inhale some fresh air. And she met him. Her heart skipped. There he was at a corner in the company of a lady. She recognised the lady.

He was wearing a white T-shirt atop a light blue jean. She gaped openly at them as she observed his sharp jaw, his chin, and cheekbones. His dark brows were graceful. She longed for him.  A part of her wished she could reach out and kiss him.  But the other part told her to get hold of herself. Mary let out a shaky sigh. His hair was trimmed and his face revealed a cuteness that mesmerized her. He was absolutely handsome.

Mary recognised the lady with him. It was only a few days ago when he proposed to her. That marriage proposal made the headlines in all the major newspapers across the country. He was an accomplished actor and a national success. From that moment, reality dawned on her.

She knew she was never going to have him for herself. She knew she could only fantasize about him as she had done over the years. She felt her body cringe at the thought of losing him. How will she get him off her heart? She had imagined the world with him inside of it.

Not long after that encounter with Peter at the theatre, Mary retreated into depression. She escaped into a romantic affair with him, but only in her imagination. In her reclusive state, she would sit in a corner in her room and thought she saw imaginary people strolling hand in hand and stopping to kiss intensely. Something needed to be done fast before she loses her sanity.

Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Imaginary.

Peace and Love!

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