The Daily Prompt – Distant 2

It was on a hot summer evening

A hammock swung from two firm pines

At the countryside in the old town

Cows grazed blithely

The ball of fire in the sky blazed a golden hue

And I stood petrified as I peered into the horizon

Gazing into the future

The unknown future

Distant, yeah, the distant future

And I wondered what lies in that distance

Will it be good?

Will it be bad?

An empty answer stared back at me

I don’t know what the future holds

The words flashed through my eyes

The future will reveal itself

For a moment I paused and took a long deep breath

I looked at the future of my yesterday

The future of my past

Which is my present

Which is my today

And I see content

I sighed.

I know that I’ll find the answers

When the future comes in the near distance

When the future becomes another present


In response to The Daily Prompt – Distant 

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.


6 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Distant 2

  1. Just airing thoughts inspired by your poem
    You can circumnavigate a number one
    Distance not a problem
    You can not circumnavigate a zero
    For first you’d have to find it
    And that is a never ending journey
    If you drew a straight line from earth into outer space
    Would you travel that never ending journey?
    No, for no matter how far you travel
    You always reach a number one
    You will never find a zero

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