The Importance of Reading…

Are Your Kids Reading Enough Books? How do you get your kids to read and be well informed?

The above question was posed by a friend on her Facebook post yesterday.

And here is a fraction of my response to the post as we exchanged ideas back and forth. 

I think this question does not apply to just kids but every one of us as adults. Everyone deserves a chance to learn, to study, to read and write, well in my opinion.

I believe that learning how to read should be the sole right of everyone.  We cannot overemphasize the importance of this fact. It gives one the ability to understand simple logic. The ability to use words correctly and it increases one’s vocabulary. And of course, it increases our knowledge base. The more reading we do the more informed we become as individuals and as a nation. Google cannot provide us with everything we seek to find answers to, not everything is readily available on Google. Therefore, there is the need to encourage our children to read and fall in love with reading from their formative years.

Can anyone over-emphasise the importance of reading? I don’t think so. We all know the tremendous power that one derives in reading. It is a fuel towards the development of all the entirety of human life especially self. With that said, I remember Garrison Keillor’s quote – “A book is a gift you can open again and again”.

And talking about children and the art of reading, it lies in their foundation and background. Children read only when they have been told about the importance to their lives. There is no such thing as a child who hates to read. Rather, it’s only when parents fail to teach their children the art of reading. When parents did not inculcate it in their growing up days. A reason the Western world are prospering more than the rest. Because they are more curious to learn and to know and to explore.

And I conclude thus: With more knowledge, one is endorsed with more vocabulary and more confidence. Reading stretches one’s imaginations and helps one develop bonds across the globe. I didn’t say this – “The greatest gift is a passion for reading”. Elizabeth Hardwick did.

Dear Adults and Parents, one of the greatest gifts you can give to your children or anyone near you is to show/tell them the importance of reading books. It helps build a better society. It helps purge the environment of poverty. It helps grow a Nation. It is the reason you and I are on Facebook, (WordPress) interacting… because we can read and write.

Finally, let’s begin to educate our children and the younger generation to embrace a good reading culture which becomes a habit over time. Especially in this era of Social Media, that is a distraction to the actual reading of edifying and worthy books. Social Media even kills grammar construction if one pays too much attention to the slangs therein.

Thank you, for this question today, Akon Utukubok Kalu. You’ve just stretched my imagination and I’m going to do a post on this subject on my blog.

PS: And my dear friends, you just read the post here. And I thank you very much for reading and if you have a moment, kindly give your feedback. 

Peace and Love!

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