Constitution Day in Denmark…

Did you know that today is Constitution Day in Denmark?

Constitution Day known in Danish as Grundlovsdag, commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the Danish constitution of June 5, 1849, by Frederik the VII. This established Denmark as a constitutional monarchy. An amended constitution was updated and signed on June 5, 1953.

The day is a holiday for Danes. A day they all flock outdoors to enjoy with family and friends. There are series of events and activities spread across the country to mark this special day. One key activity for today is that the citizens hear and listen to their favourite politicians as they give their speeches to mark the day. Politics is a big deal in Denmark, unlike many countries whose citizens are a little ambivalent about politics and their politicians.


Denmark 2 (2)
*Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark*


History of Constitution Day

  • From 1660 until 1849 Denmark had been an absolute monarchy.
  • The day has added significance as women were given the vote on 5 June 1915.
  • It additionally honours the constitution of 1953, which was adopted on the same day.
  • Almost all workplaces and shops in Denmark will be closed on this particular day.
  • Traditions on this day include enjoying the early summer weather while listening to political speeches on the state of the government.
  • While it is the closest day to a national day for the Danish, the day is not widely used to celebrate the constitution as is seen in other countries, for example, Norway.


Denmark 5 (2)


There will be fields of flags flying on this day all over Denmark.

The Danish Flag is called the Dannebrog (meaning “red cloth” or “Danish red cloth”) and dates back to the year 1219. The flag of Denmark is one of the few flags in the world which has a name.


Did you also know?

On this day in Denmark, Father’s day is also celebrated? Oh yes, today is Father’s Day in Denmark, a tradition adopted by the Danish in 1935. But did you know that a PR failure in 1949 meant that it isn’t celebrated on the same day as the rest of Scandinavia?


Dannebrog, the flag of Denmark is the oldest National Flag in the world that is still in use. The flag dates back to the 14th century. 

*This flag is in our neighbourhood*


So, today is a holiday in Denmark and the people are happily enjoying the cosy weather while engaging in the various events and activities across the Nation. Who wouldn’t avail themselves the opportunity of this twin celebrations to have fun and enjoy the day?

Peace and Love!

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