Photo of the Day!

“The world is your canvas – leave the painting to your eyes.”

“Glorious, heavenly light shone through the light, wispy clouds, signifying a new day. They parted, presenting a beautiful sky beneath. It was mesmerizing, how simple it looked, yet it seemed to hold every one of our thoughts, our dreams, our secrets”


“The Space was a vast thing, stretching out for infinity over our heads. We are insignificant creatures, being embraced by the forever moving expanse over our heads. It was terrifying and yet affectionate, seeming like it could swallow you up whole, but also like it could hold you and whisper words of comfort”.




It was amazing, almost magical. If you stared at it for a long time, watching the clouds come and go, the sun setting in a magnificent flourish, you would think, maybe, it was talking with you.


The sunlit cloud drifted the clear blue sky.


“There it stands above me, a vastness one can only imagine of what lies beyond, with its whimsical clouds in a partial canopy, playing hide and seek with the sun. Pools of sunshine streamed through, leaving a heavenly glow below”.

My photo of the day – Me, The Road and The Skyscapes!

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.


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