The Daily Prompt – Natty!

Ray became worried after waiting for 30 minutes without any sight of her. They had scheduled their meeting for 5 pm. But now the time is slowly crawling to a few minutes to six o’clock and he was beginning to entertain the fear that she had stood him up. A little apprehensive, his bright face began to gather some wrinkles as he grimaced to show his anxious demeanour.

He was not going to wait any longer, she was late and that is not a good sign considering the fact that it was their first meeting. Or rather a first date. He had seen her photo on Facebook after he read her brilliant comment left in the wall of a common friend they both shared. Her excellent remarks fascinated him and he knew she was his kind of woman.

He didn’t waste any time to send her a friend’s request. One thing led to another and they became fond of each other. They enjoyed talking on the phone long after dusk. As the days went by, they knew it was a matter of time and they would meet.

Ray liked her intelligence and astute nature by her Facebook interactions but her Profile picture didn’t reveal that she was a physical beauty, yet, he was drawn to her. A magnetic pull that astounds him whenever he thinks about her.

The restaurant was filled with good looking women that evening. And he couldn’t hide his admiration. Then his eyes saw a damsel coming down the entrance at that moment. In his worried state, he could tell she had well groomed natural black hair, tall, with a perfect figure that would charm any man with blood running in their veins.

He quickly scanned through her hands and sighed seeing no wedding band. His heart pulsated when she walked right straight to him and stopped right in front of him. His initial thought was that she wanted directions. She was simply elegant in her beautiful designed Ankara wax that fitted her posture exquisitely.

“Hey Ray” His usual swagger left him that instance. She smiled, with her dark well-shaped eyebrows raised, she extended a well-manicured hand to him.

“Vivian. Wow! You look beautiful”. Ray swallowed hard and took his hands out of his pockets, as a sudden feeling of shyness engulfed him. Being shy wasn’t his gig but this evening has startled him.

Now, there is a gorgeous Vivian, in her natty outfit, whom he has spent hours talking to the previous night. What is he going to do with her now?  It dawned on him that she was far better-looking than her Facebook photos ever portrayed.

In response to The Daily Prompt – Natty.

Peace and Love!

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