Her Love Notes – #1

She picked up her pen and began to write him. Then she changed her mind and opted for her phone instead. Better to send it via WhatsApp than to post it. She discarded the idea of visiting the post office that day. Why waste precious time when the world is making things a lot easier with great innovations.

Sweetheart, she began to type away on the keypad of her iPhone 7. It’s been two years of bliss, of love, of a great friendship.

And it’s been two years of loving fights. And learning too. But, suddenly the glowing spark in us is dimming gradually. The flame of our love is slowly fizzling away. The fire in our relationship is burning out. A coldness that I cannot fathom. And I do not know what went wrong or when things began to deteriorate between us.

Your indifference towards this unsavoury development is worrisome. It’s driving me crazy. Therefore, I am writing you today so that we can sit together and discuss us.

What could be wrong my lover and my friend? What?

Did I offend you unknowingly? Or perhaps, you met someone else?  Perhaps you just wanted to take a break or even to move on?

Let’s sit down and talk about this because your silence is tearing me apart. I am losing it and I can’t take this anymore. You’ve given me wonderful moments that I cherish and I must thank you for that. You’ve made me laugh when I was in flinching pain. We’ve held hands and melted our sorrows away. We’ve been through good times and bad times in two years.

Now, you treat us with this unkindness.

Our love, I thought, was everything we both wanted. Until this cold war crept into our midst. And everything changed. And you turned to a stranger before my eyes.

I miss you. I miss our kiss. I miss our togetherness.

I am worried sick.

Looking forward to your response…

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.



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