Photo of the Day!


There is always this euphoric feeling whenever I follow my friend to visit her parents at the countryside. I always enjoy the panoramic view of the greenery stretched out before my eyes dotted with animals.  


And some of my great shot of sunrises and sunsets came from such visits. The sun is always radiant here, with its light creeping into every corner, spreading a warm glow to the world.

hus (2)



The view from the countryside has a way of reminding me that I am a part of nature because I could feel the rawness of the land. The softness of leaves. I enjoy the sweetness of freshly plucked apples and berries. The smell from the dung of cows oozes out as you walk past the grazing fields.



It’s always feel divinely to be present where the chirping of birds form new melodies to my ears. An organic world, tucked away from the pollutions and buzz of the crowded cities.

Peace and Love!

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