It Was Grill Time…

One of the things I enjoy during the summertime is the grill time with friends. It’s always an intriguing moment for me as I enjoy the chit-chats and fun activities.

Last Monday was one of those days. We took the opportunity of the National Holiday in Denmark to grill. The day doubled as Denmark Constitution Day as well as Father’s Day celebrations.  Continue reading “It Was Grill Time…”

That First Kiss…

That particular Saturday, I had dressed casually to meet him, unaware of his feelings for me. Unaware of what was going to happen. I knew I had already fallen for him but I didn’t have the courage to tell him so. No. I am a lady and it’s better to be wooed by him, I teased myself. Even John too was love-struck though nothing betrayed his feelings. Continue reading “That First Kiss…”

He Seduces Me Tenderly…

His voice is husky

His touch is gentle

His smile teases my spirit

His sparkling eyes melt my bones

His smell makes me want to snuggle to him

Everything about him mesmerizes my senses

And seduces me so tenderly

*************** Continue reading “He Seduces Me Tenderly…”

Spice Up Your Love This Weekend…

Within the stone is a jewel. Within the seed is a flower. – Goethe 
Would you spice up your love?
Then start with yourself
If you look in the mirror
What do you see?
Is the reflection staring back at you attractive for you? Continue reading “Spice Up Your Love This Weekend…”