The Daily Prompt – Puncture 2

Everyone ran helter-skelter in search of somewhere to hide from the bullets flying around. Hearts were palpitating and pounding in quick gait. People ran forward, then backwards, trying to escape the glaring death. His heart was pounding in his chest but there was little he could do. His will to survive gave him extra strength as he increased his speed fearing to succumb to such untimely death. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Puncture 2”

The Daily Prompt – Puncture!

If it is up to me

The sun will never cease to shine

The moon will never cease to glow

The world will exist without challenges

Life would be a smooth sail

And everyone will be happy Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Puncture!”

Wordless Wednesday!

rants (2)


Any words for this photo? The scene at a summer camping – Picnic arena last week in Egeskov, Fyn.  Who says summertime is not lovely?

Peace and Love!

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Good Morning Giggles – Focus On Your Plate!

A very Good Morning to you all from this country that inhabits the happiest people in the world. Oh well, I didn’t fabricate this revelation. Ask Mr Google and you’d read about this tag on the Danish people. Yes, didn’t you know that Denmark is a beautiful place to be born? Haha, check out the facts yourself. Continue reading “Good Morning Giggles – Focus On Your Plate!”