A Writer’s Journey…

Act I Scene 1

The Brain breathes

Begins to imagine and Visualise

Raw materials in focus

Analysing and processing

Strikes out meaningless and blurring flashbacks

Resets mindset and overhauls enthusiasm

Creates a whole new world from nothingness


Act 1 Scene 2

The Brain

Rules out trepidations and antagonistic anxieties

Begins to paint a zig zag graffiti

Constructing insignificant structures

Draws from past undertakings

Borrows from the present scenarios

And invites the future to a great feast


Act 2 Scene 1

The brain vibrates from the buzz within

And lit up in excitement

With the bubbles of inspirations 

As they explode into crescendos

Birthing up abstracts and synopsis

Shaping the pros and cons

Igniting a new theatre of play


Act 2 Scene 2

The writer emerges majestically

Morph up all tangible resource

Piping hot inside the brain

Line by line

Stanza by stanza

Verse upon verse

Page to pages

The writer chronicles them all


Act 3 Scene 1

The past, present and the future becomes a sparkling inspiration

A sparkling inspiration becomes a masterpiece

A masterpiece becomes a blockbuster

A novel

A book

A drama

A movie

A play


Act 3 Scene 2

The Writer

With a mission to accomplish

Sets the pace to rule

Through the power of imagination

And clarity of purpose


A whole new source of entertainment

And dazzles the world


Act 4 (The End)

The Audiences

With a standing ovation


The astounding craftsman

The Writer



In response to The Daily Prompt – Create.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.




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