She Blossoms With Warmth…

She is always so full of life in summer times. A chuckling spectacle that makes you marvel in awe. It seems the cold season leaves her frozen as she withdraws into a reclusive shell, seldom seen with any traces of life around her. Continue reading “She Blossoms With Warmth…”

The Morning Sunlight…

The warm contrast of shimmering light

Filtered through the dark blinds of my window

Casting rays of brightness upon my dreamy eyes

I awoke to behold golden reflections

Blinking as they decorate my room

With balls and patches of the morning sunlight

******************** Continue reading “The Morning Sunlight…”

Weekend Giggles…

Wake up, Wake up, says the bright Morning Sun!

Hello folks, It’s the weekend again and as a norm, it’s  a time to take things easy and lounge lazily in the house. No rush! No tensions. Easy does it better on the weekends.

What will you be doing this weekend? Mind telling me? Continue reading “Weekend Giggles…”