Weekend Giggles…

Wake up, Wake up, says the bright Morning Sun!

Hello folks, It’s the weekend again and as a norm, it’s  a time to take things easy and lounge lazily in the house. No rush! No tensions. Easy does it better on the weekends.

What will you be doing this weekend? Mind telling me?

Okay, no worries… Just ensure you stay out of trouble and that you have love in your heart for someone out there. And one more thing, show gratitude. There must be someone you ‘owe’ a thank you… right?

And if this is the only thing you do this weekend, then it is worth it.

Touching those around you with your special brand of love, kindness, value, service, gratitude, appreciation, warmness et al, make the heart jump up in ecstasy. 

These small acts, these little deeds of love in simple things have a way of returning back to you, full circle directly or indirectly.

So Dear friends, delight in the blessings of today and be yourself.

And did I mention to you that I am still contemplating where to hang out today? 

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Peace and Love to ya’ all.

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.



4 thoughts on “Weekend Giggles…

    1. I love those two things… I really do because I love food, haha! And shopping is ingrained in the veins of most women/ladies… 🙂 I guess we are dead without shopping for ‘whatever’. Lol. It’s an addiction for most. Enjoy it Dearie and have a fun Saturday. Thank you for your comment. Xo

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