Good Morning Giggles!

“Many times we analyse our Blessings in terms of additions. A house, a job, a finished project, a new relationship, a contract, promotion; typically something that depicts visible measurable increase. We’ve been miseducated to believe Miracles always come in ‘MORE’.

So, People crumble under self-induced or society imposed weights of who fits the profile of being blessed and who doesn’t. This shouldn’t be. In Life, even with the best efforts, some goals may not be met, some prayers may not be answered and even Faith rightly exercised may not produce results just yet.

Understand that Blessings are not in additions alone but also in subtractions. That toxic relationship that ended, the layoff from a redundant job, a challenging relative who’s taught you more about prayer and compassion than any prayer manual could, or the loss of something ‘good’ that paved the way for something great.

What was kept FROM you can be as much of a Blessing as what was kept FOR you. And sometimes, The Miracle is in the ‘Loss’, the prevention, and discounted negatives. Blessings don’t always have a predictable blueprint. There are countless Blessings in the ‘Minus’. “

So beautifully written by a wonderful lady, Eden A.Onwuka.  I like the part where she wrote that the “The Miracle is in the ‘Loss”… I couldn’t agree more with her that indeed, “Blessings are not in additions alone but also in subtractions.”

The above to me is a very good perspective on life as a whole. If only we can apply these facts in our lifestyle, we’d know when to cease worrying too much. Often times people see only the positive impacts of blessings without considering the disguised blessings tucked in the negatives.

Peace and Love!

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10 thoughts on “Good Morning Giggles!

  1. what is my mood?
    need a jolt
    a hand to hold
    bold enough
    to say that was the wrong word
    at the wrong time
    and i will not go there again
    then thanks
    for my life
    and the choices
    and voices
    carpe diem!


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