The Daily Prompt – Relieved!

All work and no play make humans dull and bored so says Simple Dimple. Haha! Today hasn’t been a rosy day. I feel sick as I write this,  but I won’t let it get on my way tonight and affect my blogging routine. No. I won’t.

As I was browsing through my collections, I saw this photo I had saved sometimes ago. And it gave me a chuckle. And the tension that had kept me feverish since morning melted and I got relieved a bit.

So I thought, why not post it on the blog and share the fun.




Let’s see how true this is when applied to humans. Does this imply that women talk too much? I’ve heard the cliche many times that women talk like there is no tomorrow. And some even nag non-stop. Haha! What do you think? Is this allusion true?

From your experience as a woman, Do you think this is a fact about us? And Dear Men, based on your dealings with women, do you find any truth in the above caption?

Let’s hear your opinion in the comments. Thank you for your contributions. 🙂

Let’s Play…


In response to The Daily Prompt Relieved


Peace and Love!

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8 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Relieved!

  1. Most people who talk in more than grunts, do occasionally talk too much. Women don’t have a corner on the behavior. In my life, I wouldn’t have to talk so much if others would listen more.

    There expressing that gave me some relief. ~~dru~~

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  2. Some women are hard to beat… But I’d say it is wrong to generalize. Both my dad and boyfriend are champions at blabering. If talking was some sort of fight, they would take mom and I down anytime! LOL


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