The Daily Prompt – Paper!

Growing up, before ever I knew how to type, I wrote everything down in a notebook. I kept a daily diary and as I became older, I wrote down more creative stuffs and began to keep journals. My blogging journey started years ago when I would write daily about my experiences at school and everything that transpired during the day.  Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Paper!”

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Music!

Music is the rhythm of the soul. It flows through the veins and swirls in the head. It makes the fingers drum and the feet tap. It transcends the everyday monotony to make each fresh morning a new journey of sounds. To me, music is life and life is music. It’s in everything we see. It’s in the air we breathe.


Music (2)
*Music from the black and white Piano*

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The Daily Prompt – Meddle!

She claims that her mother in law is always meddling in her marriage. This has led to several crises in her home.

A chaotic cold war is now upon the two women who never fail to show how much they dislike each other’s presence. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Meddle!”

The Daily Prompt – Loop!

My ears were filled with the trash he threw in my face

Each filthy utterance drained my strength away

And broke a piece of my heart

What’s this again? I said to no one

Why is this happening to me again?

I curled into the black sofa in the dark room

As I gazed into the far distance

And watched him slowly take my joy away 

He took them all

He walked away with my confidence in his pocket


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