The Daily Prompt – Paper!

Growing up, before ever I knew how to type, I wrote everything down in a notebook. I kept a daily diary and as I became older, I wrote down more creative stuffs and began to keep journals. My blogging journey started years ago when I would write daily about my experiences at school and everything that transpired during the day. 

However, those writings remained tucked away in notebooks. Thus, the habit of scribbling down thoughts and ideas became a passion and the rest is history now.

I have most of my earlier compositions in notebooks, journals and diaries. The early writings on my blog were articles and essays I have written in the past which I transferred to the computer. I still have pending littered manuscripts that I hope to type out when time permits in the future.

Having said that, I don’t know if it’s just me but I still fancy writing longhand. I still love to scribble on a notepad before transferring my write-up into the computer, where editing comes a lot easier with the online dictionaries and the ever helpful Mr Google. I still carry my small jotter with a pen everywhere I go.

Instead of using my phone to write down ideas, pen and paper do the job most of the time. I just love it when I create some meaningless graffiti’s and caricatures even as I scribble.

In response to The Daily Prompt – Paper.


Peace and Love!

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