Forgiving Fridays – #2

Today is Forgiving Fridays. Oh yes. I’m just happy that the weekend is here again. So, hope you’ve had a great week. And if you didn’t, don’t worry, things can only get better. Let’s not be too hard on ourselves when things go wrong for there is always light at the end of the tunnel.  I have a few words to ginger our spirits this weekend. 

Love prevails despite overwhelming evidence – thorns have roses, tears have heart and trauma has strength. There is wisdom in wounds, perspective in pain and growth in grief. Tune into the pain, at least for a time. It is preparing you for a life of depth and compassion. Your heart is open. Your will is strong. Your spirit is unbreakable. Live through all these experiences and come out of it a better and a stronger person.

Things happen to us in life that we find so difficult to forget.  We hardly forget those things that bring pain and hurt to us.  We should realise that ‘those times will pass too’.  After the winter comes spring. The sun shines again after the storm. If it is cloudy and stormy in your life today, look forward to the sun that will probably be shining tomorrow, or the next day or the one after that.

It won’t storm forever! You will get your groove back in due course.

God bless you.


Submitted for Forgiving Fridays.  Forgiving Fridays.

This challenge is hosted by the amiable and lovely Debbie, the blogger behind Forgiving Connects.

Check out Debbie’s great blog.


Peace and Love!

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5 thoughts on “Forgiving Fridays – #2

  1. Stella, I completely love this!! Shared it with my partner. So inspired & happy to read this post.

    You have a lot of wisdom. I have the experience of receiving the blessing in many situations that seem painful at the time … including an eating disorder and my mom’s death. ❤ We are never alone.

    I love especially how you wrote that love prevails despite overwhelming evidence. God, so powerful. ❤

    Blessings to you, and may peace brighten your every step. Debbie

    ps – I will – with great honor 🙂 – highlight this post in next Friday's Forgiving Fridays. Awesome.

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    1. I thank God for the wisdom and inspiration I get from life’s teachings. Glad you appreciate my little contribution. Anytime, Debbie. We are all in this together to spread love to the world. Hugs! 🙂

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  2. Great reminder to NOT let yourself get lost in the negative because every storm runs out of rain and even if there’s no silver lining after that storm, there are many clouds in the sky. One will show up eventually with a silver lining 🙂

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