Sankt Hans Evening in Denmark…

Before the advent of Christianity in Denmark, all the Scandinavian countries celebrated the longest day of the year, the Midsummer. Although many cultures celebrate Midsummer, with a bonfire, in Denmark the celebration is infused with customs that dated back to darker and more superstitious times in the country’s history. Continue reading “Sankt Hans Evening in Denmark…”

Appreciation – Part 2

Dear New Follower,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all my new followers to my blogging world. I see you all. I’ve visited a couple of you already and if I have not reached you yet, not to worry. I will get to you one day in time. Continue reading “Appreciation – Part 2”

Photo Of The Day!

We all know the great partnership that exists between Flowers and Insects. While flowers exploit insects to achieve pollination, insects exploit flowers for food. Wow! A symbiotic relationship I’d call it. Continue reading “Photo Of The Day!”