Sunday Giggles!

Are you feeling sick?
Are you feeling down?
Are you feeling low?
Are you feeling blue?
Just not sure what to do?
Look around you, what do you see? 
Look again, You’d find something to cheer you up.
Find the one thing that sets you free
Let your spirit rise above the malaise
Infuse yourself into a better place. Think about those happy days and moments
Take a walk around your environment. Play some good music? Write, Yay! Write.
The little smile upon your lips can grow. Go on and expand it by laughing out loud
Change your mood. Yes, change the vibes you are speaking to yourself. Change that mood now.
You always know that you can thrive, So go on! Go on and look at the mirror. Yes, you can thrive. Tell yourself that.
Oh, sweet words are a balm. Tell yourself that this too shall pass. That it’s not over.
Sure, sweet words smoothen the dark edges to a soothing calm. So speak life into your soul. Speak positive words to yourself. You are great.
Be you again! Your ebullient YOU. Look in the mirror again. Be YOU.


PS: This note is to self – I feel tired this morning. So I’m just sitting here with a cup of tea. And anyone who is like me this Sunday… Anyone who is feeling sick right now! Flu, Flu go away. Anyone who is worried and feeling bad, stressed out, etcetera! I’m not even sure what I just wrote…

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Giggles!

  1. Here are a few words of encouragement:

    Read these lines
    One at a time.
    Don’t try too much.
    Just a single touch.
    Now raise your hand
    And point on high
    Look up, then stand
    And say goodbye
    To feelings blue
    To aches and pains
    It’s a new you
    Who’s making gains.
    The tea you sip
    Will clean you out
    And leave your ready
    To move about.
    So smile just once
    And then once more
    The kitten stretches
    Then the lion roars.

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