Weekly Photo Challenge – Bridge!

“For this challenge, interpret the theme “bridge.” You can go the same route as I did and capture any type or style of a bridge where you are, or go deeper and take a snapshot of something or someone that acts as a bridge in your life: a link, a connection, a mediator.” – Cheri Lucas Rowlands

When I saw this week’s challenge and the illustrative pictorial bridge, I was excited because I had the same photo of the Oxford bridge taken in 2008 when I visited Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, UK, the Birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. It’s a major and busy tourist attraction! Perhaps I should post photos of this great place.  Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Bridge!”

The Daily Prompt – Pluck.

Growing up, I enjoyed eating chicken. I really do. Even now. But what I don’t enjoy was when mum asked me to kill the chicken. I never did.

At first, they thought I was just a stubborn child until they realised that I don’t even watch how it is killed because it gives me chills. Oh, it’s very true that I don’t have the guts to kill any chicken or even hurt anyone. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Pluck.”

To The Best Sister in the world…

Hip Hip Hip, Hurrah! 
Happy Birthday, Dearest Sister Augusta!

I will start by saying that you are one of the greatest gifts that I have in my life. Oh yes! And today is a special day because it is your birthday and I will not allow it to fade away without talking about you.

You are a woman with a heart of gold, kind and genuine. You exude love and are ever willing to assist and help people. You are ever so cheerful and your smile brightens the world. I love you for always big Sis and I will choose you for a sister over and over again. Continue reading “To The Best Sister in the world…”